SEDO-Togo and SEDO Togo e.V. are associations based in Togo, West Africa and Germany.

Accompanying, supporting, and helping children in different fields such as education, sensibilization, and entertainment.

SEDO-Togo and SEDO Togo e.V. pursuit the main goal of improving children’s everyday life conditions and of fighting their lack of life perspective, which makes many of them leave school early to become young agricultural workers, even when they prove to be brilliant students and they would just need a little support to continue.

This great adventure began when two young Togolese volunteers named Edoh SATCHIVI and Paul KLU took part of an international work camp with volunteers from France, Belgium, Italy, and Japan in the small village of Kpime-Tomegbe in the South-West of Togo.

After this experience, they had the idea to create a movement to join people from all over the world in order to help orphans and children in need.

Dodo and Paul started SEDO-Togo with their own resources and with the help of a changing group of friends in Togo. Everyone can join the movement and help these children according to their possibilities.


Paul & Dodo

Paul & Dodo

Founders / SEDO-TOGO

"We need your competences, your abilities and your help in one way or another."