Agové Village


SEDO-TOGO regularly donates school material and clothing to the children of the village of Agové. However, we dream much bigger for this small village: there are plans, among others, to establish a community center for the children, including a medical station to treat their illnesses and a library. As following steps, we also want to build a water pomp; teach them how to grow vegetables, take care of animals, and recycle waste; and ideally find a godfather and a godmother for each child in order to give a better future to these children. After their graduation from school, we would like to provide for a vocational training for these young citizens.



Having access to clean water is a human and natural right, but unfortunately that’s not the case for everyone.

In the Village of Agové the access of clean water is one of the major problems that people have.

As somebody said, Wasser ist gesund.

Let’s join together and give clean water to the children and all the people from Agové.

We named this project after the local name. Voudo what means Well in English or Brunnen in German.

Help us with this project: every single cent count for something.

Sponsor me



One of our goals is to get a sponsor for every single child in need that SEDO-TOGO takes in charge. You can be a sponsor: it doesn’t matter what you do, who you are or what you have to offer to our kids. Maybe what you think is useless or old can be use again, somehow.
Avoid waste or throwing your old stuffs away:  send stuff to SEDO-TOGO instead, we will find a way to make it useful.

SEDO-TOGO also offers a co-sponsoring program for people who want to join together to help the children.
Just join the movement, you can be part of it.