SEDO-Togo 2018 activities recap

In addition to our meetings and visits to Agové to deliver donations to the sponsored children (both at least monthly), we organized the following activities in 2018:

03.01.2018: First official visit at GAiN (Global Aid Network)

On January 3, we met with Maxwell Wogomebu, the Director of GAiN in Togo, to represent SEDO-Togo and get to know more about GAiN’s work.
We learnt about the very important impact GAiN has through its projects like the construction of wells in remote villages, where the population faces clean water issues on a daily basis. During the meeting, we received many valuable advices on how to be more effective and professional in our own projects.

31.01.2018: Hygiene project #1 at the public elementary school of Akatikopé

Thanks to a generous donation by a class of a school in Berlin, Germany (Evangelisches Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster), we were able to realize a project that had been on our minds for a long time.
On January 31, we installed numerous trash cans, 2 drinking water stations, a handwashing facility, and a masoned waste dump for a more hygienic environment at the public elementary school of Akatikopé. The children of the remote village of Agové, where we usually work, attend this school.
The German students will also become pen pals with children from Togo.

02.04.3018: Easter in Agové with egg hunt

April 2 was a very special day for us. Like in the previous year, we went to Agové to celebrate Easter with the population, especially the children. We had them hunt for boiled Easter eggs that we had hidden throughout the village. This is an Easter tradition in many countries but was new to the people of Agové until 2017.
We were honored to have Caro, a volunteer of the German program weltwaerts, and her family among us. It was a great satisfaction for us and our guests from Germany to see the children’s enthusiasm and that they spent a joyful day with us.

20.04.2018: Hygiene project #2 at the public elementary school of Begbé

After the news of our first hygiene project were spread, we received another donation by a German teacher and were able to realize the project for a second time. For this time, we decided to cooperate with the association Midezon-Togo, which SEDO-Togo is friends with. On April 20, we installed again numerous trash cans, 2 drinking water stations, a handwashing facility, and a masoned waste dump for a more hygienic environment at the public elementary school of the village of Begbé.
We used another part of the donation to have birth certificates issued to a first wave of students of the public elementary school of Akatikopé. Togolese children need to present a birth certificate before they can take the exam that leads to graduation from elementary school. The reality is that many children, especially in villages, do not possess a birth certificate at this point.

25.04.2018: World Malaria Day

On the occasion of World Malaria Day on April 25, we distributed mosquito repellents to the students at the public elementary school of Akatikopé.

01.06.2018: Tree planting in honor of National Tree Day at Ephatha School for the Deaf in Lomé

We celebrated this year’s National Tree Day on June 1 at Ephatha School for the Deaf in Lomé, where our member and Second Advisor Julia works as a volunteer of the German program weltwaerts.
The children and their teachers were very welcoming and helped us not only dig the holes but also plant the avocado and coconut trees that we had brought. They promised to take good care of the plants. We are happy that the children get some hands-on environmental experience by having planted the trees and caring for them.

05.07.2018: Hygiene project #3 at the public elementary school of Kovié-Sevexo

Thanks to a donation made during Ramadan by a Pakistani lady from Germany, we could realize the hygiene project for a third time in 2018.
On July 5, we installed numerous trash cans, 2 drinking water stations, a handwashing facility, and a masoned waste dump for a more hygienic environment at the public elementary school of the village of Kovié-Sevexo.

09.-29.07.2018: Participation in a construction work camp in Begbé by Midezon-Togo

From July 9 to 29, our members Paul, Cindy, Rafiou, and Eric took part in a work camp realized by our partner association Midezon-Togo. We helped to construct 3 classrooms for the public elementary school in Begbé, where we had already realized our second hygiene project in April. The Togolese, French, and German volunteers spent 3 weeks rich in experience and full of hard work but also with time to entertain with the children of the village. The population of Begbé, from children to elderly people, helped us a lot. Everyone gave their best to see the project finished.

15.09.2018: Representation in publication by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

On the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of the German volunteer service program weltwaerts, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) published a brochure with words by different stakeholders of the program. The publication was officially presented at the anniversary celebration on September 15 in Berlin and is available in German, English, French, and Spanish.
On pages 36/37, Paul, co-founder of SEDO-Togo and alumni of the weltwaerts program, got to share the experience he made living and working in Berlin, Germany and how he applies this learning to his work for SEDO-Togo.

21.09.2018: Trip to Lomé for the sponsored children

During summer break, more precisely on September 21, we took those children from Agové that we could already find sponsors for to see their capital for a day. They had great fun at an amusement park, at the beach, and saw Lomé’s harbor, where Yawa Deglo got a bicycle as a reward for her graduation from elementary school.

23.09.2018: Finally, an office

Until September 23, we worked from our co-founder Paul’s home. We eventually took the step to rent an office, which allows us to work more professionally, hold our meetings in a more formal setting, and most importantly expand our activities. We have exciting plans for the children in our new office’s neighborhood.

06.10.2018: Donation of school material in Agové for the school year 2018/19

As it has become a tradition for SEDO-Togo, we donated school material to the children of Agové on October 6. We want to motivate them for the new school year, support the parents in the financial burden of providing their children with school material, and at the same time highlight the importance of education.

15.10.2018: Global Handwashing Day

In honor of Global Handwashing Day on October 15, we visited the public elementary school of the village of Akatikopé and the Islamic school in Lomé’s neighborhood Adidogomé. We explained the importance of regular, proper handwashing to the students, had them demonstrate how to wash their hands best, and provided posters for their classrooms that they can always refer to.

24.-25.11.2018: New tutoring program and anniversary party/ open house

On November 24, we made a tour through our office’s neighborhood to inform the families of our new tutoring program. In our office, we offer students a place to do their homework and get tutoring on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. The same time on Fridays is reserved for some fun time with games, animations, and other cultural activities.
On this occasion, we also invited them to SEDO-Togo’s anniversary party/ open house on November 25, which gave them an opportunity to get to know the office. There were games, dances, contests, and more on the program.
The tutoring program started the following week.

25.12.2018: Christmas party at the office

On December 25, we celebrated Christmas with the children that take part in our tutoring program and the other children of our office’s neighborhood. They got to invite their families as well and present dances, short theater plays, and sketches that they had learned on Fridays during the previous month.

31.12.2018: Looking forward to 2019

We are looking forward to continuing our diverse activities, the regular as well as the special ones, in 2019.
On top of our minds is to properly equip the office for our tutoring program and to have more birth certificates issued to elementary school students so they can take the exam for graduation.

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