SEDO-Togo 2019 activities recap

By the end of 2019, we were able to provide birth certificates to more than 200 elementary school students in different regions of Togo so they can take the exam for graduation thanks to kind donations.
Students of the public elementary school of Akatikopé received the first letters by students of a class of a school in Berlin, Germany (Evangelisches Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster) to answer the letters that the children had sent from Togo.
In addition to this, our meetings, and monthly visits to Agové to deliver donations to the sponsored children, we organized the following activities in 2019:

04.01.2019: Donation of clothing in Agové

To start the year, we went to Agové to donate clothing and to do some animation with the children of the village.

04.02.2019: “Quartier Propre”

The children of the neighborhood of our office in Lomé, many of which take part in our tutoring program, helped to clean the neighborhood of trash.

March 2019:

We provided a used laptop to a student, which he desperately needed to facilitate his studies at the University of Lomé. He’s an orphan with 3 siblings and not in a situation that would allow him to purchase a computer himself.

17.03.2019: “Our” children at a wedding party

As you may know, we offer the children of our office’s neighborhood a place to do their homework and get tutoring on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. The same time on Fridays is reserved for some fun time with games, animations, and other cultural activities.
On March 17, they got to present dances that they had learned on Fridays during the previous months at a wedding party.
We couldn’t have been prouder of them.

19.03.2019: Visit in Agové with visitors from Germany

Visitors and friends from Germany wanted to see the village of Agové that we talk about all the time. So we took them to visit the village of Agové and the public elementary school of Akatikopé, which the children from Agové attend. They shared some much-welcomed donations at both locations.

22.04.2019: Easter at the office

The children of our office’s neighborhood, many of which take part in our tutoring program, got to hunt for Easter eggs around the office.

May 2019: Visits at orphanage “La Solution”

In May, we visited the orphanage “La Solution” just north of Lomé twice with our partner association Lonlon Nyigba – Terre d’Amour. The first time, we helped the children clean in and around their building. The second time, we came back to donate bedsheets that we ourselves had colored with batik.

01.06.2019: Tree planting in honor of National Tree Day

We celebrated this year’s National Tree Day on June 1 by planting a tree (Millettia thonningii) in our office’s courtyard. We hope it is another small step to make the children taking part in our tutoring program conscious of the environment as they take care of it and see it growing.

June 2019: Crafts

The children taking part in our tutoring program learned how to decorate flip-flops and how to make desk organizers and maracas from toilet paper rolls. A couple visiting from France joined us for this activity.

August 2019: Summer holiday activities

During the summer holidays, we organized 3 days of special activities for our office’s neighborhood children, many of which take part in our tutoring program.
On the first day, they learned how to make crêpes and of course got to enjoy them afterwards. On the second day, they presented dances, songs, and sketches that they had learned on Fridays at our office. Everybody from the neighborhood was invited as the audience.
On the third day, we took them to the beach of Lomé, where they enjoyed a picnic and had fun playing at the beach.

September 2019: Excursion with the sponsored children

During this year’s summer break, we took those children from Agové that we could already find sponsors for to see the waterfall of Kpimé near Kpalimé.

September 2019: Donation of school material in Agové & at the office for the school year 2019/20

As it has become a tradition for SEDO-Togo, we donated school material to the children of Agové. This year, we also gave to the children of the neighborhood of our office in Lomé, many of which take part in our tutoring program. We want to motivate them for the new school year, support the parents in the financial burden of providing their children with school material, and at the same time highlight the importance of education.

September 2019: Donation of clothing in Gamé Doglobo

We took a trip to the village of Gamé Doglobo near the town of Agbelouvé to donate clothing.

September 2019: School fees for 4 children in Lomé

Thanks to a generous donation by a professor of the Free University of Berlin, Germany, we were able to cover the school fees for the school year 2019/20 and books for 4 children in need in Lomé.

October 2019: Start of co-sponsorship of single mother with 3 children in Lomé

In October, we began supporting a single mother and her 3 children in Lomé, who were in a difficult situation. We started by covering the school fees for the school year 2019/20 for the children.
Thanks to a co-sponsorship between a young woman from France and a couple from Germany, the family receives money to pay for the children’s meals at school on a regular basis. We will add items that will help the family evolve from their precarious situation over time.

December 2019: Start of sponsorship of apprentice

In December, we began supporting an apprentice thanks to the sponsorship of a couple from Germany. He graduated from high school this year. In October, he started an apprenticeship at the Center “Maria Auxiliadora” of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Lomé to become an electrician. As he lives outside of Lomé and had to walk a long way between his home and the center, we first bought him a bicycle. He will receive money to pay for his meals monthly.

08.12.2019: Foundation of association in Germany

On December 8, 11 members founded our partner association SEDO Togo in Germany. They will now file the paperwork to become a registered association in Germany and we are looking forward to working together.

22.12.2019: Christmas in Game Agokpé

On December 22, we celebrated Christmas with the children of the village Game Agokpé near the town of Agbelouvé together with the association ADS-Togo. We did animations and played games with the children, they received Christmas presents, and we prepared food for the village’s inhabitants.

31.12.2019: Looking forward to 2020

We are looking forward to continuing our diverse activities, the regular as well as the special ones, in 2020.

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